Wednesday, May 20, 2009

that evening became the next day...

I woke up fresh and happy but ended my day gloomy. The celebration for mothers' day is near and we have to prepare a gift for mom. My sister asked me if I want to come with them to find a gift for our mother. So we stopped by the folded and hung outlet store near national bookstore and crossings at quezon avenue. So check there and check here if there is a good gift for her, unfortunately we failed to find a perfect one! Instead I was the one who bought something with my elder sister, I bought a jacket and my sister bought a bolero for her to wear during office days. Though those things were very expensive, at least we had a 50% discount! Hahaha! It was called an outlet store so some outfits were already torned up..I mean close on being torned up. Hahaha. I checked out my jacket and it was really fine! It was really good! After 15 seconds...I checked the zipper, it didn't work!!! Ugh! Perfect and cool jacket....never mind the zipper. Hahaha. We bought it. On our way home, we stopped by crossings to look for mom's gift and we also stopped by crossings supermarket to buy my younger sister a brownie fudge! Yum! Yum! Yum! We really had fun and I treasured that day with my two sisters. We came home and we excitedly baked the brownie fudge..(my younger sis is sick, that's why). Successful! Yum! It tasted like a real cake of goldilocks! Hahaha! After baking, we attended Mass, just me and my three elder sisters because just like what I said my younger sister is sick and my mother has to stay with her. My dad was in Japan...a company trip. So we had our Mass and when we got home we had our dinner while watching our favorite...pbb teen edition plus. After eating, I showed the jacket to mom and unfortunately....she got dissapointed. She got dissapointed because we bought an expensive jacket with a zipper that's not working. So my sister just said that we could send it to a tailor. My mom got angry because she said that it was also 100 pesos just for changing that freakin' zipper. I didn't know what happened that night. I felt very guilty, if I didn't went to that outlet store or if I didn't bought the jacket, this will not happen!! I also pitied for my two sisters and for my mother, I really don't know but I know that this could be a plan or something.

Now, I'm feeling fine but NOT REALLY fine. I'm hoping for a better night today.

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