Wednesday, May 20, 2009

how i wonder...girls are like men too.

Lately did I realize that women are like men too, or more probably...women are more "revenge predators" while men becomes the prey. Lately did I realize that women are more strategic on seeking vengeance than men? That's funny. Well, anyway, maybe you're wonderin' why I included those statements in this article, a funny one. That's because of personal experience which will never be a personal one starting today. Haha.

June 10, 2008, was my first day of being a freshman, being a totally grown-up kid. The succeeding days were fine and joyful but now, I realized that it was cut last December 18, 2008, when a close friend of mine named Valerie introduced a friend of hers which I will call in the name, Jane (not her true name). Before x-mas semestral break, the whole batch celebrated its annual class Christmas party. Then there came Valerie giving me a bag of “Bear Cuddler”. That was weird. Valerie giving me a gift that was so much expensive was what I doubted. Suddenly, I knew that the freakin’ bear cuddler was not from her but from Jane. Man, what does that mean?! I also suddenly felt that the universe was turning upside down; women became men while men had the breasts. Valerie told me that Jane wanted to hand me a gift. I don’t know Jane! I just met her once and never expected that we would meet again just because of that teddy bear with a blue sweater. So what I did was I looked for her and gave her a “thank you” message. As simple as that, then went home to get ready for that annual “Paskuhan 2009” which has been a tradition of our university for many years from now. I went with my elder sister which is also a college student from UST’s Arts & Letters. Jane and I did not meet at the university’s huge Christmas party but we texted, that was the time when she told me that she was also attending Kumon classes, Mathematics & Reading. I just take Math though. She already stopped but I’m still continuing until now. Never mind. So where are we?.

Alright! Well, we developed our friendship with the help of her best friends and my pal. Until she told me that she had a crush on me since from the start. Bummer. Anyway, I also admit that I had a crush on her too, but it happened just after we met. I don’t see her as a “sabohin” type of girl in the campus. Bet you don’t know what that means! Hehe. Many “ants” came between our relationship, that was also because we have been together for two months. Just two months. I know I can’t take it. To be with a girl that will actually betray you. SHE LIED. She has an ex. I knew that since from the start. She told me a lot about Bryan. She told me that he was an “emotional” one, that he was been hospitalized because he tried to kill himself. That proves that Bryan was weak, especially when it comes on “emotion” matters. I hate them. They were both like that. Lately did I know that Jane was also like him, no difference at all, that they are both weak and liars. They easily get depressed pushing them to attempt on killing themselves. Goodness. For Christ’s sake! What was that for?! Here is the thing, Jane cheated on me. Here, read this. For sure you will understand. (This was taken from Jane’s blog)...

“I told him that I Love to hurt myself with a razor and be with Bryan.”

She told me she wants a “cool off” because of education. Of course, I agreed! She said that she don’t want a boy or a boyfriend for real MUNA. But she lied. She actually lied. It was because of that freakin’ Bryan. What a ditch. Anyway, we argued at Yahoo Messenger. A BIG one. Haha. Then a few weeks later, she told me that that was Bryan’s ex girlfriend. She told me that it was not her I was talking to on YM. Funny. But whoa...she’s a clever one. She made a good reason though, that Bryan’s ex girlfriend hacked all of her personal sites. She really does that. Making innocent people look so suspicious. How I wonder why Bryan’s ex girlfriend knows all about Jane and I.

But you know, if I was given a chance to talk to her personally...I'll probably say..




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