Wednesday, May 20, 2009

my stomach hurts! BOOM!!!

Brrrr....been sick, very sick for five days. "Ang programang ito ay hindi angkop sa mga batang nanonood, patnubay ng magulang ang kailangan.." blah.blah.blah. "Naruto! The Greatest Battles!" Then...."Hana Kimi the original" (can't sing the song, it will probably make me crazy making me go to the bathroom again.) I was watching with my three sisters when suddenly..OUCH! I'm so hot! like a kettle you know????!!!!!! Very hot! I felt something was wrong that's why I was pushed to touch my own neck. Bummer. But after a minute....tada! no more...but i felt tired and sleepy..I think i was over fatigued by listening to that "Hana Kimi song" so i slept. Zzzzzzzz....I woke up...HOT AGAIN???!!! Wha...wha...what?????!!!! and I found my suspect....bagyong cosme probably. He made me feel very cold while I was sleeping...(my shirt's too short, that's why). Well..I didn't expect that!!! Really!! So blah..blah. I told my mom, then my sisters...followed by my father because he came home late from work. The next day, Friday, was the start. My stomach aches a lot!!! Making me hug and hug my green pillow which was also the color of my ummm.....never mind. So the next day my mother consulted my uncle which is a doctor and he said "Buscopan!!!" Yeah..Buscopan was the name of that medicine I had to take every six hours for my stomach (It is smaller than the original size of an M&Ms) For sure, you see that in the commercials. The next day....Saturday..was a Joyful Mystery but that day became the Sorrowful. My mother and I went to the hospital to have a stool exam, urinalysis and blood test. All clear! No disease! No typhoid fever or amoebiasis which were our suspects. Thank Lord! So was because of virus and bacteria. Damn. The sickness had its break yesterday, Monday. Now, I'm okay! I already took a bath and I feel fresh. Hehe. How cool was that again?!. Hehe.

Thank you Lord!!!
(If you just know what I've been through!!! Very very very ARGHHHH! OUCH! Painful!!!!).

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