Wednesday, May 20, 2009

behind me.

1:32 pm when I arrived at the basketball court just a few blocks away from our house. I played. Dribble here, dribble over there and shoot!. I stayed there for one hour and because I'm very, very tired, I chilled out at the childrens' playground. My swing goes back and forth while I'm looking up in the sky. Then, something came to my mind... a brother, good and evil, trials and temptations. I tried to relax so I spoke to myself. Just me, the rustling sound of the leaves, the cool breeze, the fortuitous green trees around me. They're my closest friends I ever had because they're the only one that I could talk to who doesn't answer. That only means... they listen. Okay, a brother, they say that if my brother is alive, I'll be dead, and if I'm alive he's dead. As simple as that! They say that we're one. And so it came to my mind, what if we're one? That only means, what I do, he does! What if I do evil?? What if I'm sad or bereaved?? Those questions... it came to my mind that... there is NO sadness in heaven. There is NO such thing as SADNESS in heaven. Only God sees sadness because His only Son also experienced suffering and sadness. If you're sad, don't bother to call the angels, call God directly. His will shall be done.

A dear friend of mine told me this. And.. and if you're too old to go to heaven, no worries!!! You'll see yourself as 33 years old. All things in heaven are EQUAL and HAPPY of course! Okay, so where are we again? Oh right, my brother and I. For everybody's information... my brother died inside my mother's womb and he died the same date I was born. If there is no sadness, there will be no happiness. That's what they say. At present, I'm the only boy. I have four sisters. Believe it or not, my parents had six children just because they wanted to catch a boy. They catched one but unfortunately passed away.

Two years after they catched again, and thank God I'm already here telling you a story. The thing is if my parents missed to create a boy, then, the family's name will end. And... that's my story, that's my mission.. to continue my inheritance.... Abrugena. Got it?? My family especially my grandfather gave his trust to me to ADD. That's why my mother gave me that name... Joseph.. meaning: He shall add. It's just that I thought of it and I don't know why. I was born weird. God willing and to God be the glory. Just telling an experience. Hahaha! No meaning and lesson at all!! Except if you leraned something! Dunno.

There is just a single point I want to be brief with this whole article...that...


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