Saturday, April 12, 2008

3 days of agony, 4 days of happiness

I was taught by my teachers in a private and exclusive school for boys. Nowadays, exclusive schools usually handle GRADE SEVEN students. parents and I made a plan. They decided to pull me out so that I will no longer take grade seven classes. I took an entrance exam at University of Santo Tomas High School. I felt butterflies inside my stomach when I first saw my examination papers. Fortunately, I prayed the rosary the night before and my sisters taught me in Mathematics because that is the subject that I'm ALWAYS being trapped. So...blah blah blah, read here answer there. I wasn't that confident when I answered the last item of the last page. I doubted. March 24, Monday, my father took a look for my result. My mother said that it's early in the morning when my father saw the examination result. Eventhough the results are not yet posted, my father STILL hesitated to check it out by asking a favor from the security guard. I was sleeping very deep when my mother woke me up... WITH A SMILE. That means? I passed! I jumped, smiled, laughed and thanked God! Whew! But wait! Not yet done... the examination is the ELIMINATION! I need to pass the incoming interview or else.. I FAIL. So another set of butterflies... A BIG ONE. I waited for the interview. And I think after six or five days will be the time for me to rejoice. Relax, relax, relax and I shall be fine. The interviewer seemed nice at all. She was attentive and was very interested to hear my answers. Then "Nice talking to you" she said. Another huge trial has PASSED.*laugh*. So I attended the "Incoming Freshmen Orientation" then I enrolled. At last! No need for me to step and jump for the seventh grade because I'm already a freshman and soon I will be a sophomore. So now that I have told you the story, can you figure out the three days of agony and four days of happiness?. A two-thousand cash for the prize. Kidding.

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