Monday, December 04, 2006

Reming and his unescapable saliva...

November 29, 2006, Wednesday, they said that classes will be suspended the next day. When I woke up, November 30, 2006, Thursday, the morning was very fresh and sunny, even a drop of precipitated water didn't fall from the sky. When my mother, my younger sister and I were buying something at SM North Edsa, my father called to my mother's cellphone and said "Ngayon na tayo mag-punta sa Batangas kasi malakas daw yung bagyo bukas." My mother agreed and we went to Batangas to comemmorate my great-grandmother's 40th day of death and celebrate the baptism of my cousin's first baby. When we left our house in Quezon City at 10 in the evening, rain began to fall, very mad. When we got to our province, Batangas, all of the street lights were shout down because there was no electricity. It was the time when typhoon Reming made its stunt. We hesitated to open the gate of my grandmother's house but we can't step out of our car because of the typhoon but my mother, somehow, tried. Then, at last my grandmother opened the main door for us to get in and escape the fiery breath of Reming. It was such an experience! If you were just there, then you would know how fun it is to be victimized by his power! Really funny indeed.

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