Thursday, October 12, 2006

a pasalubong from Bohol province...

It was April of year 2004 when my whole family decided to visit Bohol. We had a fun trip indeed. That was the first time for me to ride an airplane. I had a few butterflies in my stomach but had gone really fast because of that cool experience. Well, very early in the morning, I think that was 4:00 am when my father asked for two taxies from our subdivision's security guard for us to ride to the NAIA airport beacuse our plane will land at 8:00 in the morning. But let me tell you something, the experience at that cab was not AWESOME. If not for my patience, I will really blow up. It was the gasoline! I was suffocating inside that vehicle! For one hour! I was trying to stand up for that smell during that trip! Lucky that I made it to the airport, or more probably to Bohol! So when my family and I got to the airport, boredom murdered us all. Really sad. At last the airplane came with our eyes being plaine white and our skin, pale. When it was time for us to leave, I became very nervous. I think my knees were trembling. But a few minutes later, after my first step to an airplane, was really enjoyable. We ate Goldilocks Heavenly bread and a tetra-pack of juice. There we go! We landed at an airport at Bohol. Can't wait for an adventure. We rode a van to see our cottage. We checked out the beach, it's like a paradise out there! There was a swimming pool too. The next morning, we woke up very early because my family and I will have an adventure trip, a BIG one. We went to the Chocolate Hills, we bought souvenir items, we went to the hanging bridge, anyway that bridge was really cool, old churches and museums which still stand up to this day especially for tourist's eyes. Though sometimes you'll 'gonna freak out 'cause of freakin' old photos out there. I once thought that their eyes were following my steps. When the sun has grabbed its opportunity to rest, and so are we. We had our dinner at a restaurant who lost its electricity but has grabbed it back and got to sleep! Very tiring. The next day, our second day, was a day to swim, unfortunately, when my father tossed me up to the air (just for fun, and experience, MAYBE.) at the beach, my chin landed on his shoulder. For short, I bit my toungue. Suddenly, myy taste buds told me that there was blood flowing out from them. How unlucky was that?. But anyway, nothing and no one can stop me from finding corals or maybe sharks deep down that sea. Another day has passed and the sun rose again "Goodbye Bohol" was the title of that day. There were a lot more stories hidden behind this vacation, if you want to know more about those "hidden stories", call me. For worst, befriend me. hehe.

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